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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Community Boathouse a place to enjoy the nature, meet great people and do good things

I am honored to be able to write the first blog and excited to get the “party started.” One of the greatest things about moving to a completely different county and shoreline is the unknown. I moved to East Rockaway from Huntington so you can imagine the questions that came up from family and friends. Nassau county? The south shore? With the after-thought/question, “You’re kidding?” It was clearly puzzling to me at the time but 3 years later I am happy that I did. I found the Community Boat House (CBH) by accident when a friend and I were looking to kayak around Far Rockaway, just driving about. We pulled into the gravely driveway, Rick was there, friendly and open, explaining how the kayaks were free for use. Because I work in the South-Central Bronx, where nothing is free unless there is a deal. I was wide-eyed with that child-like happiness. After kayaking for a few hours, I came back to the shore and asked if a beach clean-up can be organized. “Yes.” I love easy. So, two years ago pre-pandemic, whether it was the first beach clean-up for CBH I didn’t know but it was the first for me to organize. We had a good turn-out, about a dozen folks – success! Since, then, we have had a few more. Beach clean-ups are hip and we all are gathering to do good! Last year, during the pandemic, we went ahead and had a beach clean-up and everyone was very careful about cleaning and sanitizing the boats, so it was a non-issue. This year, we will be having two beach-clean-ups. The first will be Sunday, June 27th and the end of the season close-out celebration will also include a beach-clean up Sunday, October 10th. We just received a small grant so all supplies will be paid for and thinking about an after party! For each event.

Link to request a reservation for this event will be posted shortly and on our calendar.


Beach Clean-Ups Events: FREE

Date: Sunday June 27, 2021 Time: 11:00AM

Location: Community Boat House

Beach Clean-Up: Paddle across the bay

Time: approximately 2-3 hours dependent on the debris found

Experience Level: Should be able to paddle 30 minutes there and back across the bay.

Kayaks: Included

PDFs: Included

I look forward to having a great season, meeting new people and cleaning up!

--Diana M

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2 comentários

Matthew Horgan
Matthew Horgan
01 de jun. de 2021

Looking forward to it Diana, excellent post!! :)

Catherine Murphy
Catherine Murphy
12 de jun. de 2021
Respondendo a

Cannot make this one but will look forward to the next one. Thank you

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