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From the hip…

I work best when things are last minute. It eventually plays out o.k. This is how my universe works or possibly how my brain has this preselected option of being hard-wired to think, just wait and see. Having too much structure suffocates me. I know some may find this to loosey goosey and quite scary but traveling through life like this has served me well. Given all of this, I want to provide a huge shout-out to Jeff Wexler, the Community Boathouse web “master” which clearly is an understatement. He has volunteered his time to put together the Community Boathouse website and create a user-friendly format. This has not been easy. Here we are last minute, getting our first registration just days before the Marsh Paddle and Beach Clean-up and it has all come together. So please kindly, let everyone know about the website and all of the great events that will be happening this season.

See you all on the water!

Visit the home page to see all the work we are embarking on.

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